Pepijn, august 2017

When I met Pepijn for the first time, his name was Ivana. A couple of years later, I see him becoming the boy he always was.

Pepijn, october 2016

Talking to Pepijn made me wonder: what is gender? And why does it matter? Do we treat people differently, based on the role we assign them? I started to wonder what it is that makes you a boy, a girl, or something in between. You can read more about the project on my blog.

The New Cool Kids of Tokyo

For CosmoGIRL! I did a story about Harajuku’s different subcultures and fashions. You can read the full story on my blog (Dutch only).

Genderless Fashion Icon
Decora Icon


Mara, aka Psychara, does whatever she wants. Her courage to dress the way she does, look the way she does and follow her own path inspires me. Read more about Mara on my blog (Dutch only).

Hair and make-up by
the amazing Charlotte van Beusekom


To celebrate forty years of special classes for newcomers in the Netherlands (Internationale Schakelklas), I took a group of high school students of Saenredam College to the tourist attraction nearby: the Zaanse Schans. The photos and interviews were made into postcards, which were handed out at the ISK symposium. Read more about this project on my blog.